Driver App (For Restaurant Drivers)

This OPTIONAL app is an invaluable tool for Restaurants that employ any number of delivery drivers. If you have your Restaurant listed at GetCurry - it's Free! - Works in conjunction with the optional GetCurry Management app and Driver Admin (see below)



Driver is alerted and either accepts or declines the delivery task. Notification of which is sent to the Restaurant Manager. (If deliveries are set to ‘Auto Assignment’ the software waits for the next driver to accept the task). If no driver accepts the task within the pre-defined period (default 5 mins) - the Restaurant Manager is notified.

Customer is kept informed as to the delivery progress and if customer is using the GetCurry app or your Restaurant’s own custom app customers can track the driver in real time for increased security.



Easy to assign delivery to driver (to as many drivers you have). 
Driver on/off duty feature. 
Interactive map with GPS directions to customer’s address. 
Keeps log of all deliveries and times. 
Can automatically notify customer by email and/or SMS of progress (I.e Driver has left the restaurant and is on his way to the customer) 
Manager will know in realtime the location of each driver. 
Customer signature (optional).


Drivers download the app here:

(Drivers: your login details will be sent to you by the Retaurant Manager)



DRIVER Admin (For Restaurant Manager)


All drivers (who use the GetCurry Driver app) will show in map. Managers can track progress of deliveries and see who is on/off duty. System ensures ALL delivery tasks are allocated to drivers or it warns Manager by Flashing Red.


Manager assign each driver a username and password to access the Driver app. Can include driver's photo for identification purposes.


Manager can set the system to automatically alert all drivers to new delivery tasks (orders) at the same time, or one driver at at time, starting with the nearest. Or Managers can manually assign a driver to each task (order). When a driver 'accepts' a delivery task the allerts stop and the task is assigned to that driver.


The GetCurry Driver system can be used for any other delivery or pickup tasks (i.e. Telephone Orders). We don't mind!


Manager can send individual messages to drivers or one message to all drivers without incurring any costs whatsoever (i.e. no SMS cost).


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